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Sulis Aromatherapy is located in Barwell, near Hinckley, Leicestershire.

We offer a range of aromatherapy services for your body and mind, plus hand made herbal infusions and aromatherapy face and body products made with our organically-grown herbs and plant infusions, hand made by Emily with love.

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Clinical 121s

Heal with nature

Book a clinical 121 consultation to use herbal medicine

The use of herbs as medicine to treat ailments is common to all cultures worldwide and has been for many thousands of years. Western herbal medicine is both an ancient and modern medicine as it draws upon the historic traditional use of plants. Herbal medicine has a fascinating history spanning thousands of years and is supported by current scientific studies for its efficacy in treating a wide range of complex illnesses. Today, more is known and understood about the phytochemical components of plants, how those components interact physiologically in the body, and how those components work with pharmaceutical medications, thanks to scientific research.

The underlying philosophy of medical herbalism is to treat the whole person. Health is a harmonisation of mind, body, and spiritual balance and cannot be attained by focusing only on symptom relief. My holistic approach looks at your diet, lifestyle, family history, medical history and the underlying health status of each system in the body. Medical herbalists have further training in clinical techniques and differential diagnosis, giving patients enough time during consultations to fully understand the problem. This can usually take around 60 – 90 minutes.

Start Here

  1. Click on the black button and a window will open up with the bookings menu.
  2. Select your chosen treatment, event or appointment and then thetime and date
  3. Fill out your details in full and then click ‘complete appointment’

The system will do the rest!

What happens after I book?

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment and then a link to a health questionnaire to complete this will take between 20-30mins and this must be emailed back to me, this allows me to explore where you are at and what the key concerns are ahead your appointment, we will then discuss this is more depth at your consultation.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact me within 48 hours of your appointment via phone or email to let me know if you cannot attend, failure to do this may result in a cancellation fee of half the cost of the consultation.

More about Clinical 121 Appointments.

What health complaints I can help with

What health complaints can I help with

Herbalists frequently see a wide range of illnesses that general practitioners also treat. Among many others, these frequently include:

  • Stress-related illness: poor sleeping patterns, emotional problems, anxiety and mild depression
  • Digestive disorders: irritable bowel, heartburn, liver and gall bladder conditions
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergies, food intolerances: dietary assessment, hay fever
  • Heart and circulatory conditions: High blood pressure, cholesterol, oedema
  • Musculoskeletal problems: arthritis and other joint problems, fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal conditions: menopause, PMT, infertility, thyroid problems, blood sugar problems
  • Respiratory Problems, including asthma
  • Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, acne, urticaria and other rashes
  • Low immunity: recurring colds and flu-like symptoms
  • Low energy: feeling tired all the time
  • Women’s Health

(Not an exhaustive list).

When administered by trained professionals, herbal medicine can provide treatment for various ailments with a low risk of side effects and a great safety record. Because they are created from natural plant products, herbal medications contain various elements, each of which has a unique set of advantages that complement one another. This can often differ from pharmaceutical drugs, which focus on one symptom.

How do I prescribe?

Herbal medicine comes in many unique forms dispensed for you, and no two prescriptions are the same. They are as unique as you are. Herbalists don’t use one herb for one ailment. We spent a long time talking with you, finding out what was happening in your life when your condition started. We find out about your diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress levels, gut health, and bowels.

When we come up with a prescription for you, we will look at all this information gathered and you may be prescribed internal medicine for an external problem where we believe many factors are involved. The mixture can contain 5-8 herbs in a mix, all specific to you and different from what the next patient will be prescribed. Sometimes I may give you a herbal tea mix or a cream/oil if I think that’s relevant.

After the consultation, I will go away and give this some thought, carry out any research I feel is necessary and then make up your prescription, which I will take payment for at the consultation time.

This will be ready for you to collect from my practice within 2-3 days – I will text/email you when it is ready. I can also post prescriptions out).

Fees and Services

Fees and Services

15 minute Discovery Call

$ Free

Free 15 min discovery call to see if herbal medicine can help you.

Initial 90 minute Consultation
£ 60

Initial Consultation in person or on Zoom up to 90 mins including a free 15 min call after 2 weeks to see how you are getting on (does not include herbal medicine).

Follow up appointment 30-45 minutes
£ 40

Follow-up appointments- between 30-45 mins (does not include herbal medicine)

Liquid Herbal Medicine
£ 11*

Liquid Herbal Medicine is £11 per 100mls per week. I would usually dispense enough medicine to last you for four weeks. *A total of £44. Medicines are charged on top of the consultation fee.

Herbal Tea
£ 8

Herbal Tea costs £8 per 50g of dried prepared herbs as prescribed as part of a treatment plan

Capsules/External preparations and supplements
$ Price varies

Capsules/External preparations and supplements are priced accordingly

Collecting your prescription

Patients will be required to collect their medicine on a suitable agreed day, or I can drop it off if you are within a 5-mile radius. If you are not local to my clinic or if you are an online patient, then I will post out for a fee of £5.


After the initial consultation, we’ll make an appointment for two weeks’ time for a free 15-minute “catch up” session to see how you’re getting on with the herbal medicine and discuss any concerns you may have. If all is going well then, I’ll give you enough medicine to see you through for 4-6 weeks until your follow-up appointment (payment for medicine to be taken at the time of the consultation).

As we don’t need to go into so much detail as the first consultation, the follow-up appointment lasts up to 30 minutes. We’ll discuss the issues you brought up previously and anything new that may have come up since we last met. I may carry out a physical examination again if I feel it’s relevant. After the first follow-up appointment, I’d like to see you every 4-6 weeks depending on the individual case to monitor your progress. I may “tweak” your prescription a little by changing a herb or two here or there if I feel it would be more successful. Between appointments, if there is anything you need to discuss you are more than welcome to drop me an email.

Annoyingly, there’s not a short answer to this. Some herbalists believe that the longer you’ve had the issue, the longer it may take to resolve it. You may have a serious condition that cannot be cured by conventional or alternative medicine, but you find that herbal medicine helps keep you feeling well long-term. Women’s hormonal issues can take longer to resolve as we only know how effective the treatment has been once a month. Having said all that, some people respond very quickly to herbal medicine and their bodies rapidly return to a state of balance. 

Repeat medication can be ordered on my telephone day

  • I have a telephone day every Monday when people ring up to call more medicine and let me know how they are getting on.
  • A quick chat to update me about your progress is free
  • This means that all you pay for is your herbal medicine and the cost of postage.
  • If we need longer than 10 minutes to talk about how you are doing, this should be booked in advance and charged for.


I have a huge array of herbs to choose from and if one combination or approach does not seem to be doing the trick then there are many other approaches I can try!

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