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Sulis Aromatherapy is located in Barwell, near Hinckley, Leicestershire.

We offer a range of aromatherapy services for your body and mind, plus hand made herbal infusions and aromatherapy face and body products made with our organically-grown herbs and plant infusions, hand made by Emily with love.

Get in touch for a consultation, trade enquiry, or to order a bespoke blend or service.

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Herbalism was the grounding of flower power. Nature woke us up - David Hoffman

Nature has been at the root of medicine for thousands of years. I find inspiration for all of the branches of Sulis when I'm grounded in the garden, breathing in the air, nurturing the plants. I grow, harvest and forage a number of my own organic herbs to use in herbal medicine and body products.

What is a herbalist?

What is a herbalist?

A Medical herbalist utilises medicinal plants to make herbal tea, tinctures, powders, creams and much more. The plants traditional uses have been backed up by both clinical trials and scientific research. We have studied both orthodox and plant medicine and trained in the same diagnostic skills as a GP. The difference is we follow a holistic approach and treat the person rather than the symptom and the disease.

About herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is medicine made from plants, either the whole plant or sometimes parts of it, for example leaves, flowers, roots or bark.  It has been the main source of medicine used by people for thousands of years.  There are many herbal traditions around the world, but we are trained in Western Herbal Medicine which can be traced back to Graeco-Roman, European, Arabic and American traditions.

My education in herbalism

I am a Medical Herbalist and studied at Lincoln College, graduating in 2022 with BSc first degree honors. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and you can find more information about herbalism on their comprehensive website here:

Sulis Apothecary & Garden

Sulis Apothecary

All the medicines I have in my home herbal pharmacy I have made myself from dried herbs 70% if which I have grown and harvested myself. I truly believe in self-sufficient herbalism and using what grows in this country and locally to me, if and where possible. I am investing in a dehydrator this year to help me dry the herbs and keep their therapeutic properties at their peak, which means they will store well for some time and I can use them to make the lovely products available in the shop and to eventually treat my patients.

The herbs I use are ones that grow well and are native to Europe. It's been a joy to start my own physic garden in my own garden and on land that I have permission to grow on. I also sustainably forage for specific herbs and wild craft. The plants are then harvested, dried or bottled to make remedies, tinctures and teas.

Herbs have affinities to certain phases of wound healing and different types of wounds. They can accelerate the process of healing beyond what people can imagine.

- Matthew Wood