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Sulis Aromatherapy is located in Barwell, near Hinckley, Leicestershire.

We offer a range of aromatherapy services for your body and mind, plus hand made herbal infusions and aromatherapy face and body products made with our organically-grown herbs and plant infusions, hand made by Emily with love.

Get in touch for a consultation, trade enquiry, or to order a bespoke blend or service.

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To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy, but it is still allowed, and I think you will be happier for the trouble

– Bill Watterson


As the founder of Sulis Aromatherapy, I believe that an aromatherapy experience nurtures the body and the spirit. My passion stems from the belief that pure organic essential oils have therapeutic benefits for mind, body and soul. The therapeutic treatments you receive in combination with the organic plant oils are a reminder that nature is our greatest healer. Connecting with its beauty, and serenity, those moments of calm and balance when you experience a walk in a shaded forest or sit on a beach listening to the waves ebb and flow, each moment elevates our mental and physical wellbeing. This is how I want to make you feel with each visit.


I trained as a Holistic Therapist 15 years ago and had a home practice offering aromatherapy services for a couple of years. In 2012 my Mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sadly she passed away in 2015. She benefited so much during her cancer journey receiving complementary treatments from both Coping with Cancer and the therapists at LOROS to help her relax during times of treatments and endless hospital visits. Before she passed she encouraged me to pick up my passion where I left off and so after some recent training I have started my business in her memory. I chose a feather as the symbol based on Mum’s love of Native American culture.

A story of Sulis Minerva

Sulis Aromatherapy takes inspiration from the symbol of a feather to symbolise strength, an element that was used in rituals and ceremonies. The feather holds significant spiritual protection and in Native American folklore the dreamcatcher has a feather attached to the bottom portion and said to be the vessel that bad dreams wash away through. Some cultures believed that a feather flying into your path meant that a soul had left the earthly realm.

Sulis the great British Celtic healer goddess, was originally a solar and fertility deity. Sulis’ shrine was located at Bath Spa, the Romans called her Minerva Medica (healing) or Sulis Minerva. Minerva was a virgin warrior dedicated to women’s rights and freedom. She is depicted with her foot resting on an owl, her sacred bird, and healing and medicine were her themes.

Sulis Aromatherapy aims to strengthen and heal you, to wash away your stresses leaving you feeling relaxed, free and balanced in our fast paced modern world.

My Professional Membership and Aromatherapy Qualifications

I am a registered member of the International Federation of Profesional Aromatherapists (IFPA), a registered charity in the UK. The IFPA is the qualifying body for aromatherapists and through the IFPA I maintain my professional development and am covered by their insurance as a part of my commitment to offering you the highest quality of service. You can find out about the IFPA's code of ethics and practice on their website at